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Pressure Wash CO is an affordable and reliable safe low pressure house washing company located on the Gold Coast. Our homes are our number one asset, so leave it to the professionals, with inexperienced contractors or house washing companies you are risking your most expensive investment. Call Pressure Washing CO Gold Coast and find out why we should be your number one choice to restore the exterior of your home or property specialising in ”head to toe” exterior home washing. From the roof cleaning to the patio washing/enclosures and everything in between. Including window cleaning, gutter cleaning, patio cleaning, driveway/sidewalk cleaning, and our most popular service, soft wash roof cleaning. You will be amazed at the difference and value having a clean home can do.

So no matter if it is Dirt, Algae, Mould & Mildew Growth, or Rust Removal These are a handful of the unsightly contaminants that can ruin the exterior of your home or building. We can safely remove these contaminants with our expert house washing service that poses no risk of damage to your home’s exterior or landscaping. We clean all types of surfaces including siding, stucco and much more.


Exterior House Cleaning



Effortless Exterior House Cleaning


Dust, dirt, rust, sediment and debris gather over the years through storms, wind and everyday movement in the house. It creeps into the hooks and crannies of our homes and makes itself at home in all the little corners. Even though we don’t always look at the outside of our homes, it is the view of the outside world into our lives, a window. Keeping abreast of the dirt and grime and booking an exterior house cleaning before it becomes the talk of the town, or worse a structural problem is in the best interest of you and your family.

A proper clean can also help homeowners identify the areas where maintenance may be needed. It is healthy for the whole family, as possible unwanted spores and fungi are destroyed, and it gives your home that brand new look – to become a landmark in the neighbourhood. Our entire mission is to provide complete house washing for all communities in the Gold Coast. As a family-owned business, we have called the Gold Coast our home, and we provide 100% guaranteed, affordable cleaning services to a wide range of residential and commercial properties.


The Importance of House Pressure Washing


A home is the place we spend time with our loved ones, it holds our favourite items and is where we make our fondest memories. It’s the place we go to when the world is frightening and overwhelming. Where we nurse ourselves back to health after an illness or a heartbreak. Maintaining your home, your sanctuary, is as important as looking after your loved ones.

  • Exterior house cleaning in the Gold Coast is vital to maintain the investment made when you purchased your home. House value increases over time and is a wise investment to make, keeping your home in peak condition will help raise its resell value over time. We recommend exterior pressure cleaning for your home every two years.
  • Soft washing, especially popular in spring, is good to fix minor issues before they become bigger problems. It also reduces the cost of repairs to your home; in this case, the saying rings true – prevention is better than cure. Keeping your home hygienic both inside and outside will ensure healthy living conditions for the whole family while contributing to the general neighbourhood look and feel.
  • House washing service is the exterior equivalent of a couple of bright new scatter cushions. By cleaning the exterior of your home, you’re giving it an easy facelift, while ensuring a safe environment for your loved ones. This also primes the structure for a new coat of paint.


Related Services to House Washing Around the Gold Coast


We offer a complete service with different elements to make your area, whether commercial or residential, spotless. Interestingly, although all our services are called pressure cleaning, the pressure and cleaning products used will differ. For instance, a wooden deck will be cleaned with a softer pressure than a concrete pavement. Together with the ultimate in customer satisfaction, Pressure Wash Co will look after your every requirement.

  • Together with house soft washing, for residential properties, the offering includes gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and driveway cleaning. Gutter and roof cleaning is especially advantageous for rust alleviation and repair before the rust spreads.
  • For commercial cleaning we offer storefront cleaning, parking areas and garages, as well as tennis courts. Sealing surfaces like concrete, tiles, stone and paving will ensure the longevity of the surface and less wear and tear on it.
  • Surface sealing, as mentioned, ensures long-term satisfaction prevents damage to surfaces that endure constant traffic. It’s best suited in residential areas to surfaces like the driveway and walkways. For commercial properties, parking garages and driveways would also require sealing.



What You Gain When Using Pressure Wash Co For Home Pressure Cleaning


By welcoming our team into your home or business, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Your needs are our top priority. As a family-owned business, we take great pride in ensuring your needs and concerns are addressed thoroughly.

The three pillars we run our business on are giving customers the absolute best value for their money, quality service from start to finish and excellent communication throughout the process. The devil is in the details, so our professional commitment is to provide competent staff who are reliable, trained and kept abreast of the latest trends and practices in the field. We offer estimates free of charge, where each business or individual’s needs are assessed, and a tailor-made quote and recommendations are provided afterwards.

We make use of quality-grade cleaning products unique to the surface and its use. We clean wooden walkways, decks, and features with environmentally-friendly chemicals, while the stone sidewalk will be cleaned with top-grade chemicals. Although chemicals may be necessary, depending on the surfaces and the dirt, we do opt for greener, more sustainable practices where possible. For the past ten years, we’ve ensured customers are given the best customer service, at the best prices – our testimonials speak to the fulfilment of happy customers.

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Darlene Hansard

In love with my driveway after David and his team here at the Gold Coast, pressure washed it. Affordable, very fast and super reliable. I will hire them again after the summer for sure.

Darlene Hansard


Lucas Cook

Dave from Pressure wash co did a great job on pressure washing my entire house , the roof came up like new and all work was done quickly and efficiently.
Top job Dave .

Lucas Cook


chris lethbridge

Cant speak highly enough about this company. Incredible service, prompt, efficient, courteous and went above and beyond. David even found missing screws in our roof and replaced them on his own accord. Our roof now looks like new!!. Thank you David, you’re a star.

chris lethbridge


Sophie Flesh

Dave brought my house back to life , why i had not thought about house washing before . I would definitely get Dave from Pressure Wash Co back again , I’m thinking its a yearly requirement from now . 5 Stars and more .Thanks Dave

Sophie Flesh


alex krooz

Great job and came out very promptly. Price is one of the best I could fine and the level of service and cleanliness was much much more than I could ha e expected. This was one of the few things I had done to my new house which went super smooth. I highly recommend and will be using them again.

alex krooz


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