High Pressure Cleaning Southport

Pressure Wash Co are experienced High pressure cleaning specialists in Southport. We specialise in all aspects of commercial and residential Pressure cleaning service in Southport. We provide high-quality cleaning services at best price.

Welcome to the world of pressure cleaning. Pressure cleaning is also known as pressure washing, water blasting, or hydro cleaning among others and is a popular method for exterior surface cleaning in Southport. To clean, our cleaners and cleaning services resort to the pressure washer method. Therefore, for house cleaning like brick or driveway also pressure cleaning Southport is used.

We provide all commercial high pressure cleaning services like..

Pressure Cleaning Southport

  • Tennis Court Cleaning
  • storefront-cleaning
  • Sealing – Gold Coast
  • parking-lot-garage-cleaning

And all residential high pressure cleaning services like..

  • Exterior House Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Driveway Cleaning

Concrete / Driveway / High / Low Pressure Cleaning & Sealing Southport

Pressure washing is not just for commercial spaces but house cleaning too can make use of pressure cleaning service in Bundall. Water blasting and hydro cleaning is especially useful for homeowners in Southport because the cleaners can clean dirt, grime, stains, and lodged particles from outdoor areas. Outdoor areas are more susceptible to develop build-up such as moss, dust, algae, mould etc. and commercial spaces like construction sites can face all the more accumulation of unwanted substances.

Driveway / Concrete Cleaning / High / Low Pressure Cleaning & Sealing Southport

Basically, from a pressure cleaning service Southport, the cleaners to clean use a high pressure mechanical spray containing water to eliminate unwanted substances like dirt and grime. Hence, the name water blasting or hydro cleaning among others.

For surfaces which are extra dirty or require more cleaning, we Pressure Wash Co’s cleaning services in Southport usually recommend pressure cleaning in Southport. Not only is this method effective, but it’s also fast and gets the job done.

House Washing / Roof Pressure Cleaning / Car Park Cleaning / Storefront Cleaning Southport

Pressure cleaners in Southport have even taken off graffiti from walls with this method! Things which you thought can never be taken off or removed, has been carried out by pressure cleaners.

As mentioned earlier, pressure washing is even popular for driveways, which is the first feature someone will notice when they make their way into your home. Dirt, mould, grime build-up and other substances can be eliminated from the driveway with pressure washing.

Few advantages of pressure cleaning in Southport are:

• Pressure washing is cheaper than buying new items or substituting them for something else
• Increases the value of your home because now its cleaner
• Regular pressure washing can eliminate the need of undertaking costly home repairs due to carelessness
• Improves curb appeal
• Lastly, a healthier and cleaner environment is available due to the elimination of mould, algae, dirt, grime, etc.

Range of Service we provide include tennis Court Cleaning, storefront cleaning, sealing, parking lot cleaning, garage cleaning, exterior House Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning in and around Southport.

You may speak to Pressure Wash Co at 0401 783 783. Or write in to info@pressurewashco.com.au.

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Darlene Hansard

In love with my driveway after David and his team here at the Gold Coast, pressure washed it. Affordable, very fast and super reliable. I will hire them again after the summer for sure.

Darlene Hansard


Lucas Cook

Dave from Pressure wash co did a great job on pressure washing my entire house , the roof came up like new and all work was done quickly and efficiently.
Top job Dave .

Lucas Cook


chris lethbridge

Cant speak highly enough about this company. Incredible service, prompt, efficient, courteous and went above and beyond. David even found missing screws in our roof and replaced them on his own accord. Our roof now looks like new!!. Thank you David, you’re a star.

chris lethbridge


Sophie Flesh

Dave brought my house back to life , why i had not thought about house washing before . I would definitely get Dave from Pressure Wash Co back again , I’m thinking its a yearly requirement from now . 5 Stars and more .Thanks Dave

Sophie Flesh


alex krooz

Great job and came out very promptly. Price is one of the best I could fine and the level of service and cleanliness was much much more than I could ha e expected. This was one of the few things I had done to my new house which went super smooth. I highly recommend and will be using them again.

alex krooz


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