Will a pressure washer damage my home?

This is actually a very good question. The high pressure associated with a pressure washer can absolutely harm any surface, regardless of whether it is wood, concrete or stone. That being said, using a professional pressure washing service allows you to take full advantage of the power cleaning associated with a pressure washing machine without having to worry about any damage to the home. In the hands of an unskilled user, it is possible to etch many of those surfaces and damage them permanently.
Our equipment has the capacity of applying up to 3,500 – 4,000 psi of water pressure to a surface, we apply only the amount of pressure that is required to get the job done well. We prefer to pre-treat with a solution so that it’s not necessary to blast a surface in order to get it cleaned. Our technicians typically apply water at 1800 psi and are able to effect an outstanding clean without putting the integrity of the surface at risk.


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