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Pressure Wash CO specialises in gutter cleaning inside and out. Gutters are meant to take on water that runs-off the roof and disperse it away from your home. This prevents flooding because it moves the water away from the foundation, as to prevent it from absorbing into the walls of your home. Allowing gutters to overflow and build up mould on the outside cannot only be an eye sore but it can be something that can cause serious damage to your home and of course, by removing the chance of standing water, you are also removing you, your family members and your staff from being exposed to mould and mosquitoes.


Gutter Cleaning is a necessary measure to take to keep a home’s value and to prevent future repairs to the home. Pressure Wash CO can unclog your gutters and remove all the mould and black streaks and make them look new again. Gutters must be cleaned at least twice a year and possibly even more depending on the amount of trees and falling debris are present in your area. Once in the Summer right before wet season and another in the Winter. Our gutter cleaning is done by hand to guarantee a debris and mould free every time. We also bag all the debris from the gutter and remove it as part of our service. To conclude the service we flush all the downspouts with water to confirm that the gutters are completely clear and no longer clogged.

Pressure Wash CO is a premier gutter cleaning, and pressure washing service provider. so give us a call today and let us take care of your gutter cleaning services!

One of the largest objectives our gutter cleaning enterprise has is to make certain our services are reasonably priced. Our fees will be decided based upon measurements of your home or business’ roof as this determines how long it will take to finish the process. To receive a gutter cleaning quote give our experts a call at Pressure Wash CO on 0401 783 783 right away to schedule your appointment

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Our company is always professional with a high attention to detail.

Our staff is experienced and we constantly educate ourselves to stay ahead of the competition. Dirt, grime and mildew can collect on your home and business.

If not cleaned in a timely manner, it can cause costly repairs, renovations and replacements.

We use contract grade cleaners to remove the contaminates safely. Our variety of services drastically enhance the appearance of you home or business. Trust Pressure Wash Co Gold Coast to offer quality work at affordable prices. Call us today for free estimates or to schedule an appointment.

We guarantee our work! and are fully Licensed and Insured Please use the contact form to reach us or call us at 0401 783 783


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Darlene Hansard

In love with my driveway after David and his team here at the Gold Coast, pressure washed it. Affordable, very fast and super reliable. I will hire them again after the summer for sure.

Darlene Hansard


Lucas Cook

Dave from Pressure wash co did a great job on pressure washing my entire house , the roof came up like new and all work was done quickly and efficiently.
Top job Dave .

Lucas Cook


chris lethbridge

Cant speak highly enough about this company. Incredible service, prompt, efficient, courteous and went above and beyond. David even found missing screws in our roof and replaced them on his own accord. Our roof now looks like new!!. Thank you David, you’re a star.

chris lethbridge


Sophie Flesh

Dave brought my house back to life , why i had not thought about house washing before . I would definitely get Dave from Pressure Wash Co back again , I’m thinking its a yearly requirement from now . 5 Stars and more .Thanks Dave

Sophie Flesh


alex krooz

Great job and came out very promptly. Price is one of the best I could fine and the level of service and cleanliness was much much more than I could ha e expected. This was one of the few things I had done to my new house which went super smooth. I highly recommend and will be using them again.

alex krooz


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